Starting a micro niche website is easy and takes less time to maintain as they are easier to rank due to low competition and search volume. Due to this nature, it’s necessary to plan and target a specific audience for your micro-niche website to generate a stable income.

Basically, the niche is the segment you are going to work with. However, they are very broad, which means they are general representations of an area, such as shoes.

Working with niches can attract lots of people. But because it is such a broad term, it is possible that you don’t convert much.

This happens because the most popular products are usually from well-known brands, which puts them on top of the search engine results. So, standing out and having good market projection can take longer than you imagine.

Another problem is that, since the term searched involves everything that is related to your niche, you can even have many visitors but they won’t all be qualified. This means that the bounce rate can be high, since your product or service is not exactly what everybody is looking for.

So, it’s interesting to think of specific niches.

This blog post will provide critical areas you need to focus on for a profitable micro-niche website.

What is a Micro-Niche Website?

A Micro-Niche website is a small website on a specific sub-topic or product. They usually target low volume keywords or products.

Thinking about the shoes example, a micro niche could be men’s running shoes, men’s formal shoes, red leather men’s shoes, and thousands of other specifications.

As you notice from the examples, micro niches leave no room for the type of product that is being offered. So, people looking for them will have no doubts that they are in the right place to purchase what they need at that time.

However, micro niches get fewer visitors, after all, only people who want to buy something specific will look for them. On the other hand, it is likely that this audience is more interested in buying your products or services because you market exactly what they are looking for.

It is also possible to be more and more specific as you funnel a generic area. For example, you can offer men’s black running shoes in large sizes. This means that there are different possibilities for choosing micro niches. This happens because you can describe several subareas of the same topic.

Notice that, the less general, the more your product answers to a specific audience needs. And also notice that your product’s description become more explanatory and descriptive.  

They sometimes have seasonal traffic. Some examples are an alkaline water purifier affiliate website, a french bulldog food guide, camera lenses, a gunnie pig care blog, online course review ,an audio mixing website, public speaking etc.

Here are a few things you need to pay attention to before choosing a niche for your micro niche website.

How to choose a profitable niche for a Micro-Niche website?

To correctly choose your sub niche, you can start by thinking what you really know. What do you do best? What topics are you really knowledgeable about?  

From there, you can base your decision in your abilities, likes, personal interests, or even the curiosity you have for a determined subject.  

Try to understand the potential and check how you can pass on your knowledge through products or services. When you really know what you’re going to talk about, you can create a better relationship with your reader and, of course, with your future client.

However, you don’t need to choose micro niches based only on your knowledge. It’s interesting to see beyond what you know or find online.

Understanding people’s longings, needs, fears, and problems help people figure out the areas in which it’s worth getting into.

If you can find a recurring sub niche, it’s likely that lots of people will get interested in that. So, you’ll have in your hands a very desirable topic.

The main idea when choosing different micro niches from your area of expertise is that you “think outside the box”. This means you get outside your comfort zone and go after something you might never have imagined and, at the same time, you do the best you can to have great material. By doing so, you can be innovative.

Think about how your business can have a positive impact on other people’s lives. This means that you should actually make a difference.

But, other than that, you need to check your competitors out. Understand the size of the market you wish to get in and look for micro niches within it.

Thinking about something more specific is better because it’s likely that you’ll have less competition.

It’s important to consider the volume of search for each niche and you need to be able to find a profitable one. And this will likely happen easier when you focus in broad areas. But if you need to find your space, you’ll have a better chance with micro niches.

These are the key areas you need to focus on for a successful niche blog.

Passion and Expertise about the Niche.

Like a regular blog or website, Micro-Niche websites also require passion about the subject. As you can’t duplicate anyone’s success, you need to find what works best for you. Being passionate will ensure you don’t run out of content and ideas. Plus, you’ll work even harder to succeed as blogging is a long game, not a short sprint.

After Google’s EAT algorithm, if you have experience in an area and establish authority and trust, your website will do better in SEO. Therefore working with what you know helps in the long run.

Ways to Monetize a Micro-Niche Website.

The obvious way is by running Ads across the website. Other than that, you can also try Affiliate Marketing, selling a product, sponsorships, creating a course, and consulting. Sometimes companies may use your websites for lead generation.


Make sure you’re creating content that targets a global audience, and most of your traffic is coming from developed countries that offer better CPC rates.

Buying Intent.

It’s better to target audience segment with high buying intent. If your target mainly consists of traffic from developing countries or students, it won’t be profitable. For example, a high-end watch blog will attract people who have an affinity to purchase luxury items.

Content Creation

Make sure you’re creating content of different verticals and generating traffic from various sources. Pinterest does well with the female audience, so a single mom blog, quick snack recipes for kids will do well here. You can also repurpose content for different platforms.


If you implement these methods for your next blog, it will indeed generate traffic and earnings. You can also check out the video version. Thanks for reading.